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Get Spa Smart - Health, Wellness & Lifestyle with Mindy Terry

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” — Moshe Dayan (1915-1981)

Mindy Terry

Living spa is living free. And, as the quote says, freedom is the oxygen of the soul (at least it is for me). This image shows me being free, letting my hair fly, no stiffness, not buttoned-up. Free, balanced, well-being...ahh, SPA!

To share the freeing energy of the spa and wellness industries with others, I created Get Spa Smart. You are invited to use this site to share valuable information, inspire creativity and to move the spa and wellness industries forward.

Get Spa Smart includes the amazing resources of Creative Spa Concepts’ consultants. These business experts are offering time-tested tools and techniques to help you run a tighter, cleaner operation while being a more effective developer, manager and leader. While the Spa-Inspired Life Section includes gurus in fitness, cuisine, beauty and well-being sharing their insider secrets to help you engage your clients, audience and guests in living spa.

The information in this resource library is complimentary. We could charge a lot for it, though we want you to learn and grow from this knowledge, and ultimately pass it along to enrich and sustain the spa and wellness industries. We simply ask that you source the information as from Creative Spa Concepts, as well as any additional sources listed on the specific documents.

When you are passionate about something, it is critical to learn something new every day. I challenge you to broaden your horizons and your brain and to Get Spa Smart!

Cheers, mt

Signed Mindy Terry— Mindy Terry, President